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Our Expertise

The Wellbeing Psychologist provides counselling and psychological therapy  for adults, adolescents and couples for a wide range of issues.

Here are some of the areas we have a particular interest and experience in, if you don’t see something that fits what you are experiencing or would like to work on, get in touch and we can have a discussion to see if we can help!

Shyness and social anxiety

Performance anxiety

Adjustment to life transitions and situational crises

Sleep difficulties and nightmares


Burnout and chronic workplace stress

Trauma reactions and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Men's mental health

Drug and alcohol problems

Pornography addiction

Self-esteem and identity issues

Behaviour change, motivation and goal setting

Lifestyle change


Personal growth and development



Our Therapy Approaches

We offer a range of evidence-based therapies including:

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)


Schema Therapy

Trauma Focussed CBT

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Positive Psychology Interventions

Our Services


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We all experience challenges at some time in our life.

Psychological therapy provides a supportive environment for you to share your concerns, feel understood and find strategies to help you cope when you are experiencing psychological distress or functioning below your norm.

This can be due to issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma, burnout, loss and grief, personal and relationship problems, addictions and self-destructive patterns.

Therapy aims to help you reduce psychological distress, increase your understanding and find solutions to your challenges so that you can get back to feeling okay.

Psychological therapy and counselling is a good choice if you want to:

Reduce psychological distress and get back to feeling your usual self

Find ways to cope with major life changes

Resolve painful feelings

Reduce risky or harmful behaviours

If this sounds like what you need, book a session with us here and let’s work together to find what works for you.

Session Cost:

The cost of a 60-minute session varies depending on the practitioner.

Principal Psychologist: $260.00
Psychologist: $220.00
Provisional Psychologist: $120.00

Check out our team of psychologists HERE!

Payment is requested at the time of the appointment. If you book a Telehealth session, you will be required to pay 24 hours prior to the session. If you use the online booking function on the website, payment will be required at the time of booking.

Please be aware a cancellation fee is payable if less than 48 hours’ notice is given. See FAQ under What if the cost of sessions to see our cancellation policy.

Not sure which session to book? Send us an enquiry and we’ll be in touch!


Wellbeing Coaching - The Wellbeing Psychologist

Create a life you love.

Coaching is a proactive approach where you make choices about what you want, focus on what’s already working well, and find new ways to boost your wellbeing.

You decide the direction and set your goals, while we guide and support you, providing tools and tips as you need them.

Need that extra push to overcome fears and limiting beliefs that are holding you back, or some encouragement and support to take risks? We do that too.

We also show you how to build new habits and routines to keep you on track. Wellbeing coaching is provided in either individual sessions or group programs.

Coaching is ideal if you:

Are feeling unhappy and dissatisfied with your life, but are unsure how to change

Want to discover your unique strengths and increase your confidence to do the things you have always dreamed of doing

Are ready to make changes to your life but need some support and accountability

Want to feel great and do more each day, and are looking for inspiration

If this sounds like you then book a session with us today!

Not sure which session to book? Send us an enquiry and we’ll be in touch!


Wellbeing Yoga and Mindfulness Programs - The Wellbeing Psychologist

Wellbeing Programs are delivered on a range of wellbeing topics.

Programs and Workshops are a great way to learn more about a wellbeing topic and gain some practical take-home strategies in a friendly environment!

We regularly host mindfulness and yoga programs. You can find more details and sign up for one of our upcoming programs here!

Dr Tarmala Caple, The Wellbeing Psychologist

I’ve spent over 20 years helping people live life to their full potential and have extensive experience in supporting individuals’ manage general psychological issues, overcome challenges and setbacks, and improve their life.

We’re committed to building a friendly and collaborative relationship with people so they feel understood and supported. We use an individualised approach to suit your preferences, personality, and lifestyle.

Our motto is “working together to find what works for you”.

Dr Tarmala Caple

Not sure which session to book? Send us an enquiry and we’ll be in touch!