Providing You the Support You Need to Thrive in Life

The Wellbeing Psychologist provides counselling and psychological therapy for adults, adolescents and couples for a wide range of issues.

You Don’t Have To Go Through It All By Yourself.

We all experience challenges at some time in our life. Psychological therapy provides a supportive environment for you to share your concerns, feel understood and find strategies to help you cope when you are experiencing psychological distress or functioning below your norm.

This can be due to issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma, burnout, loss and grief, personal and relationship problems, addictions and self-destructive patterns.

Therapy aims to help you reduce psychological distress, increase your understanding and find solutions to your challenges so that you can get back to feeling okay.

Need some help navigating through life’s challenges? Our experienced psychologists are here to provide you with the support you need, when you need it.

Our Areas of Expertise

The Wellbeing Psychologist provides counselling and psychological therapy for adults, adolescents and couples for a wide range of issues.

  • ZAnxiety and chronic worry
  • ZShyness and social anxiety
  • ZPerformance anxiety
  • ZAdjustment to life transitions and situational crises
  • ZSleep difficulties and nightmares
  • ZStress
  • ZBurnout and chronic workplace stress
  • ZTrauma reactions and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • ZMen's mental health
  • ZFirst responder wellbeing
  • ZPornography addiction
  • ZSelf-esteem and identity issues
  • ZBehaviour change, motivation and goal setting
  • ZCoping with chronic medical conditions
  • ZResilience
  • ZPersonal growth and development
  • ZPerfectionsism

Our Therapy Approaches

We offer a range of evidence-based therapies including:

  • ZCognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)
  • ZTrauma Focussed CBT
  • ZAcceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
  • ZSchema Therapy
  • ZEye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR)
  • ZPositive Psychology Interventions
  • ZMindfulness

We Provide Therapy & Counselling Services in These Areas

Counselling For Adults

Need some support through life’s changes and ups and downs? Our team of experienced psychologists provides therapy and counselling for adults of all ages.

Counselling For Teens

Does your teen need a hand navigating the challenges of adolescene? We provide therapy and counselling for teens and young adults from 14+ years.

Counselling For Couples

Want to improve your relationship and communication as a couple? Our psychologists create a safe space to help you overcome issues and strengthen your bond.

Anxiety Counselling

Is anxiety affecting your day-to-day life? Our psychologists can help you manage anxiety and create long-term relief.

EMDR Therapy

EMDR therapy creates a relaxation effect, reduces the vividness of images and emotions associated with a traumatic memory.

PTSD In First Responders

We have years of experience in and provide specialised support for police officers, first responders and members of the Australian Defence Force.

Employee Assistance Program

Employee wellbeing is crucial for workplace performance and productivity. Get the support your employees need to help them increase their happiness and quality of life. By offering a confidential and professional support system, you can boost productivity, reduce absenteeism, enhance your company’s reputation, retain talented employees, and achieve a strong return on investment.

When purchasing EAP services it is important to ensure that the provider has appropriately qualified staff who can deliver evidence-based services. Deploying qualified EAP Providers is crucial for the success of the program.

Here at The Wellbeing Psychologist, we have qualified and highly experienced EAP providers who can help support your employees. 

Dr Tarmala Caple, The Wellbeing Psychologist

I’ve spent over 20 years helping people live life to their full potential and have extensive experience in supporting individuals’ manage general psychological issues, overcome challenges and setbacks, and improve their life.

We’re committed to building a friendly and collaborative relationship with people so they feel understood and supported. We use an individualised approach to suit your preferences, personality, and lifestyle.

Our motto is “working together to find what works for you”.

Dr Tarmala Caple

Not sure which session to book? Send us an enquiry and we’ll be in touch!