Introduction to Mindfulness 6-Week Course

Create a Life You Want

Half-Day Vision Board Workshop

Next Workshop: SATURDAY 26th FEBRUARY, 2022 at TWP HQ in Alfred Cove

Do you feel like you are just living, going through the motions each day and not feeling your happiest?

If this sounds like you, then come along to our Create a Life You Want Vision Board Workshop!

This workshop is a fun way to connect with what is truly important to you and develop strategies to turn your dreams and desires into action! Hosted by our registered psychologist Kathy, she will show you how to clarify your values to give you a greater sense of direction, then the fun starts with the creation of a vision board. Unlike many workshops, we don’t stop there. We will introduce you to tools to help you create actionable steps to turn your vision into reality.

Come along for 3 hours of fun, inspiration, connection and self-care!

Learn how to turn your dreams into reality

Have you had moments where you felt as if the things you do day-to-day aren’t meaningful? You might be completing tasks or achieving goals without necessarily gaining a sense of purpose.

Often, this can be due to a mismatch between your actions and your values. Without connecting with and acting in accordance with our values, we can easily find ourselves feeling lost in life.

In our Create a Life You Want Workshop, we will help you identify your values to guide you in developing goals that are wholeheartedly important to you, show you how to keep your motivation high, and some sure-fire techniques to turn your dreams into reality!

Want to stop dreaming and start creating the life you truly want? This workshop will show you the way!

Calm mental chatters and anxiousness with Mindfulness Practice

What’s in the Workshop?


The workshop runs for 3 hours in a small group setting. All materials needed will be provided and a nourishing light lunch is included in the ticket price. Water and juice will be served throughout as well to keep you hydrated.


This workshop is hosted by our registered psychologist Kathy, who has a special interest in helping people find their life purpose and setting and attaining meaningful goals.

You’ll learn practical techniques for setting meaningful goals and achieving them with more ease.

You’ll also learn the correct way to set your vision and goals so you can create a life you truly love and want!


The cost of the workshop is $97.00 and full payment is required at the time of booking to secure your place.


The next workshop is on Saturday 26th of February at our serene practice at 2/595 Canning Highway in Alfred Cove. The workshop runs from 10 am to 1 pm.

6-Week Mindfulness Program

Who is this program for?

This program is suitable for anyone who wants to learn how to gain clarity with one’s life purpose, set meaningful goals and achieve them with more ease.

No prior vision-boarding experience is required, all materials is supplied, although you’re encouraged to bring along clippings and images which you love, align with your goals, excite you or find inspiring!

Come along with a friend for a fun day of visioning and goal setting, or come by yourself for a self-care day and connect with others!

The group is kept very small and intimate to make sure you get the guidance you need to make the most out of it.

This program will be delivered by our registered psychologist Kathy, so you can be sure to get practical, professional guidance that truly works!