We’re nearly halfway through 2021 and it’s been another challenging year so far. To top it off, winter has also arrived which can reduce our energy levels. Rather than being an energy drain, winter can be a great time to rest, relax and re-energise.

One way to do this, is by prioritising our self-care.

Although this sounds simple, many people neglect their self-care because they don’t have time, they feel guilty, or they just feel tired and exhausted. This is really common for the people pleasers and perfectionists amongst us. And don’t forget about mums, they frequently look after everyone else before themself, leading to them feeling drained and depleted.

We simply aren’t fully present for others or able to perform at our best when we ignore our self-care as we are more likely to feel burnt out. By spending time on ourselves, doing the things that we enjoy or engaging in activities that help us feel calm, it actually boosts our energy levels. Self-care enables us to reduce stress, be more present, improve our focus and boost our immunity (super important in winter!).

When we are short on time and energy, and it’s cold and rainy outside, self-care can often mean binge-watching Netflix with a glass of red. Although we love a good binge watch here at The Wellbeing Psychologist, and a glass of red is enjoyable, there many other healthier ways we can re-energise ourselves!

If you are struggling to prioritise some “me” time, start small by setting aside 10-15 minutes each day. Alternatively, you could set aside a few hours on the weekend or a day during the week.

Here are some of our favourite self-care ideas

🌴 Breathing exercises

Spending some time focusing on your breath by finding a quiet space and breathing in for 4 seconds, then breathing out for 6 seconds, repeat this for up to 5 minutes. The longer exhalation helps to calm our nervous system.

🌴 Learning a new skill

Have you ever wanted to try yoga, cook a new recipe, or give house plants a go? Learning new skills or picking up a new hobby stimulates new neural pathways in our brain, which makes our brain healthier and better able to deal with challenges.

🌴 Read a book for pure enjoyment

By choosing something that piques your interest and set some time aside to put your feet up and maybe have a cup of tea or coffee too. This takes our mind away from everyday issues and puts us into a state of flow.

🌴 Pamper yourself at home

By treating yourself to a face mask , having a bubble bath or a long hot shower, washing your hair and putting in a treatment, or painting your nails. This is a great way to boost those hormones that make us feel good.

As you can see, self-care doesn’t have to be complicated, time-consuming or expensive. Want more self-care tips? Make sure you follow our Facebook or Instagram this week for our 7-Day Self-Care Challenge!