Yoga for Anxiety - 6-Week Course

Yoga for Anxiety and Stress Relief

A 4-week program that helps you find relief and tame your anxiety, stress and overwhelm through yoga

 Are you feeling overwhelmed and on edge, and find it hard to relax?


Does your mind race from one ‘what if’ scenario to another?

Do you overthink everything and find it hard to switch your thoughts off?

If so, you are likely to be experiencing anxiety or stress.

We all experience anxiety and stress at some time in our life.

For some, this might be a mild increase in arousal when under pressure to perform or when doing something new, while for others they experience excessive worry and high levels of arousal in the body which creates discomfort on a daily basis. This discomfort greatly hinders one’s ability to reach their full potential and enjoy their life to the fullest.

What causes anxiety and stress?

Anxiety occurs because the nervous system is on high alert to deal with perceived threats that are future focused. Stress occurs because our nervous system is over-activated due to changes and pressure in our life.

When anxiety and stress occurs, the most common way of coping is to resist unpleasant thoughts and bodily sensations through avoidance and distraction strategies, or try to push through despite the way the body feels.

While this seems helpful in the short-term, it only serves to maintain the cycle of anxiety, and enable the stress response in the body to build up. As the saying by Carl Jung goes, “What you resist persists”.

If you’re looking for an effective, more sustainable and natural way to calm your anxiety or stress, then yoga is the answer.

There is growing evidence that yoga is an effective way to reduce anxiety, stress and depression.

For those experiencing anxiety disorders, yoga is a great complement to psychological therapy.

Tame anxiety with yoga

How yoga can help manage anxiety and stress?

Yoga practices are comprised of three elements – body postures, breathing and mindfulness meditation.

These elements work to release tension in the body and calm the mind.

Instead of resisting unpleasant bodily sensations and thoughts, yoga helps people sit with their experiences so these can learn to self-soothe and calm their overactive nervous system.

This is the key to successfully managing both anxiety and stress.

To help you find relief from anxiety and stress, we have designed a four-week yoga program that includes a set of practices to dial down the fight-or-flight part of the nervous system and increase the rest, digest and restore part of the nervous system that helps us feel calm and content.

Not your average yoga class!

This 4-week group-based program has been developed to provide a mind-body approach to reduce anxiety, stress and overwhelm. When stressed, anxious and overwhelmed the nervous system becomes over activated leading to the stress response or what is commonly known as fight or flight.  The key to managing anxiety and stress is to reduce the activation of the nervous system so you can feel more at ease and calm. 

What Will You Learn?

Over 4 weeks you will be introduced to how the psychology of stress and anxiety can be integrated with yoga practices to reduce tension and promote relaxation to calm the body and mind. Yoga postures, mindfulness exercises and breathing practices that are most suited to people experiencing stress and anxiety have been chosen. This is important because some yoga, mindfulness and breathing practices are too activating for the nervous system which is the opposite of what you need when anxious and stressed.

This program will provide you will a range of practical skills to empower you to shift your nervous system from fight or flight into rest and restore.

🌴 Week 1: Understanding Anxiety, Stress, Overwhelm and the Role of Mind-Body Practices

The program begins with an introduction to the relationship between the psychology of stress and anxiety, and the role of yoga practices. Yoga postures and mindfulness practices for quieting an overactive mind and nervous system will be practised.  The session will end with a nourishing Yoga Nidra guided meditation to help you release emotional tension and slow down your nervous system.

🌴 Week 2: Breathing and Relaxation Skills

This week’s session introduces you to how connecting your breath to movement through yoga postures can create a sense of ease and calmness.  Muscle relaxation exercises that reduce tension and help you reset will also be introduced. Breathing exercises designed to calm the nervous system will also be introduced. The session will end with nourishing yoga poses that create deep relaxation.

🌴 Week 3: The Relationship Between Unhelpful Self-Talk, and Stress and Anxiety

This week’s session explores how thoughts and the way we talk to ourselves contributes to stress and anxiety. Yoga practices that increase mindful awareness of thoughts and changing unhelpful self-talk will also be practised. The session will again end with restorative poses to increase relaxation.

🌴 Week 4 – Awareness of the Body

In the final session, mindful breathing exercises and a yoga practice focusing on strength and flexibility while incorporating breath and movement will be practised. Awareness of the body-mind connection and how the skills practised in the program can be applied to everyday life will be explored and intentions set.

You’ll be able to take the knowledge you’ve learnt from this program with you and practice on your own post the 4-week program to continue to find relief.

This program is delivered by a qualified yoga teacher who is also a registered psychologist, so you’re in safe hands.

Program Details


The program comprises 4 x 90-minute sessions run over 4 weeks and is limited to 10 participants.


This 4-week course is AU $297.00 per person.

Early Bird Ticket is on sale now for AU $267.00!


Date: The program begins on Saturday April 30th for 4 weeks. (30/04, 07/05, 14/05 and 21/05)

Time: 10 am to 11:30 am (1.5 hour sessions)

Location: North Fremantle Community Centre (2 Thompson Rd, North Fremantle)


All equipment is supplied. All you need to do is wear comfy clothing.

If you’ve never tried yoga before, don’t worry, you don’t need to be super fit or flexible.

All practices are slow and gentle in nature and you can go at your own pace. You also have the ability to choose what is right for you in any given moment.

Tame anxiety with yoga


This program is suitable for anyone who experiences mild anxiety or more intense anxiety.

You don’t need any previous yoga experience to join this program.

Meet Your Teacher

Hi, I’m Jess. I am so excited for the opportunity to share yoga and all of its associated benefits with you.

I believe in a holistic approach to wellbeing, and I’m passionate about promoting physical and mental health using my training in yoga, nutrition and clinical psychology.

For the past 12 years, my 9-5 has been focused on mental health prevention and treatment, and I have been working in hospital, clinic and high school settings.

In my spare time, you’ll find me running, at the beach or in the bush, practising yoga, drinking coffee, or some combination of the above!

I’m really looking forward to meeting you and practising some yoga together.

Jess - Registered Psychologist and yoga teacher